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Competiția Europneană ”Plastic is Fantastic”


Enviu and Impact Hub bring the Plastic Fantastic Challenge to Bucharest

From all inventions in the past, plastic is definitely one of the most fantastic breakthroughs in history. Its cheap design, flexibility, indefinite lifespan, unbreakable structure and low weight helped us design many-many products that increased our standard of living enormously.

Through an online- and offline inclusive open innovation program, the Plastic Fantastic Challenge aims to unleash new innovation power that leads to the launch of new entities in Europe, that can tackle the plastic packaging waste issue.


Most plastic waste originates from packaging (63%), which is primarily designed for single-use and is

discarded straight after. Many industry players and governments show willingness to change, but find
themselves with their backs against the wall. Strict requirements from buyers, high consumer expectations
and pressure on cost efficiency make it hard for the industry to innovate.

Plastic Fantastic Challenge Stages

Inspiration: From October 2015 the Plastic Fantastic Challenge platform is open for new business ideas.
Idea generation: Show how you think we can reduce the amount of plastic packaging waste through innovative business solutions. Till the 14th of December you can submit as many business ideas you want!
Clustering & matchmaking: Now that we have a lot of great ideas, let’s team up! Many hands make light work. Together with your team you can bring your idea to the next level in the co-creation phase.
Co-creation: During the matchmaking phase, you’ve set up your team and during the co-creation you get the time to co-create with experts and your business coach.

Pre-selection: Said but true, not all ideas can win this challenge. During the pre-selection phase the 10 most promising teams will be selected for the business development phase. The selection is made by a jury consisting out of technology-, business- and innovation experts.

Business development: The ten most promising teams in this challenge are invited to the Plastic Fantastic Bootcamp. The main goal of the program is to deliver a final business plan and pitch which will be presented to thejury during the final Demo Day.


The main goal of the program is to deliver a final business plan and pitch which will be presented to the jury during the final Demo Day, in the Plastic Fantastic Bootcamp which will take place on March 2016. Only one team can be the ultimate winner of the Plastic Fantastic Challenge. The final jury finally selects one team to take the grand prize.

This prize consist out of:

EURO 10.000,-
Six month membership at Impact Hub

We need systemic change across the plastic value chain to prevent further negative environmental impact. This problem is too large to solve in isolation. Companies, entrepreneurs, academia, knowledge institutes and governments all have to take action together to solve the plastic packaging waste issue.


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