Transylvania Calling, Gura Riului (langa Sibiu), 18-25 august ’09


„Chemarea Transilvaniei” – Festival de muzică electronică concertat de film, lifestyle, vizual, desene, workshop-uri şi multe altele. În continuare sunt câteva informaţii despre festival (în limba engleză).

Festival Info

Gates will open on the 18th at precisely 11:11 am. The festival itself will start the following day, on the 19th in the Ambient Forest with an opening ceremony, performances and World Music.

The Mystical Forest Stage will run continuously until the end of the festival with a variety of sounds from World Music, Downbeat, Upbeat, Dub, Ambient and Experimental sounds provided by international Bands, Live acts and DJ´s.

The first 2 days (19th & 20th) of the festival will be focused on conferences, workshops, games, movies, and social and cultural interaction between the Tribes.

In total there will be 4 days and 4 nights (20th – 24th) of music on the Main/Dance stage with a flowing musical journey throughout the world of intelligent electronic music.

All cultural attractions, art, music concerts, DJ sets, performances, conferences and workshops will finish on August 24, at precisely 11:11 pm.

At sunset on the following day, August 25, the gates will be closed.

More about Transylvania Calling festival on the official website.

This year Transylvania Calling has decided to take a refreshing turn in our collective path to boldly go where no one has gone before…or rather where many has gone before, but it was quite some time since we did so.

1hdvrf70t3_20050721_transylvaniacallinggatheringofthetribes_ehip4j_transylvaniacalling2005Circumstances and experiences from our past tribal gatherings in the beautiful mountains and natural forests of the Transylvania region of Romania has taught us what really matters and also what does not matter so much for the essence of the experience that we desire to create in this years gathering. The focus this year will not lie on us trying to follow the main stream festival trends – i.e. to attract a huge audience by sporting a lineup that contains as many high-profile acts as possible, and leaving culture and community as something of a backwater.

We have chosen to bypass the financial politics of psy trance business and instead focus on what should really matter most  – Us! The recognition and alignment with collective culture and our emerging global (sub)continent of  unity-consciousness is what we find most important, not that we can proudly present the hottest names in trance!”

Location: Gura Raului
„Only 17 km from Sibiu, Transylvania’s natural and cultural heart centre, Gura Raului – old Romanian settlement – is situated on the Valley of Cibin, at the bottom of Cindrel Mountains, about 600m altitude. It is a beautiful remote place, in the middle of ancestral forests, old rooted trees that will keep secret the magic of the gathering,whispering it only to the wind.”


Main Stage

„Witness the Phatness”


Avalon – Nano Rec (UK)

Antagon – 2to6 Rec (Germany)

Atma – YSE Rec (Romania)

Asoma (Bulgaria)

AodioiboA – Night Oracle Rec. (Germany)

Bigbacterials – Cosmic Flower Rec. (Israel/Hungary)

G-604 (Romania)

Ghreg on Earth – MOE, AuraQuake, Element of Time, BrainBusters(USA)

Jahbo – Parvati Rec. (Denmark)

Kalumet – Halu Beats (Hungary)

Loopus in Fabula – Fabula Rec (Italy)

oCeLoT – Zaicadelic Rec (USA)

Once Upon a Time (Bulgaria)

Ork Monk (Hungary)

Papiyan – Phreex Networx/Parvati/Vertigo Rec. (Denmark)

Paratox -Rudraksh Rec./ The Marburg Virus (Germany)

Phenotype (France)

Psyvader – Psysky Rec.(Belgium)

Saikozaurus -Zaikadelic/Skygravity/JMT/Goblin Rec (Ukraine)

Scorb – Trick (UK)

Solar Plexus (Guatemala)

Talpa -Morning Monsters/ Up Records (Serbia)

Vihtahousu (Finland)

-Z- (alpha&antagon)(Germany)

Mystical Forest Stage
„Witness the peace”

This is the play and chill ground. It’s open for 7 days and 7 nights. Leading by chill out, ambient, world music and tribal rythms to load up your soul and spirit.


Agro – (Romania)

Atati – Trans Carpathia Arts (Ukraine)

AodioiboA – Night Oracle Rec. (Germany)

Bigbacterials – Cosmic Flower Rec. (Israel/Hungary)

KALUMET in DUB – Psylife Music (Hungary)

Kliment – Eletric Dream (Bulgaria)

Kuba – Kuba Records, Liquid Sound Design, Chillcode (UK)

Logical Elements (Romania)

Maharishi (Bulgaria)

miXile (Australia/Ireland)

Nativix – Tribeatz (Brazil) –

oCeLoT – Avatar Records (USA)

Salvinorin – Mind Tweakers / Node3 Rec.(Brazil)

Surbahar – Om Records (Bulgaria)

Swen (dzoncy) strOOp (Ashoka) Poland

Dj Sets:

Avichay – Avatar Records (Israel)

Baba Red – Mushroom/Chaishop (Germany)

Cosmic – dreamtime/Dance n Dust (Macedonia)

Chaikovsky – dreamtime (Romania)

Cosmic Serpent – DivineMusicTribe (Sweden)
Cosm – dreamtime (Romania)
Djane Gaby-Sunlight – Dreamvision (Slovenia)

Djane Juh – Karkeija Krew (Portugal)

Die Linken Hände – PsychedelicTraveller (Germany)

Harihara – Arkona creation (Slovakia)

Infinity – dreamtime (Romania)

K-MIZO- dreamtime (Germany)

KaRaKoNdZuLa (Serbia)

Krishan – Omfamna (Sweden)

Liquid Ross – Liquid Records (UK)

Marion (Ashoka) Poland
Mana Project 2012 (Germany)

Matt With an S – SunshineTribe (Sweden)

Monkee – double six (Cyprus)

Nagual (Bulgaria)

Nmsk – Nezavisna Tepsija (Croatia)


Salvinorin – Node3 Rec./Mind Tweakers Rec. (Brazil)

Silmaril – SwampTales (Lithuania)

Taruna dj set – ShivaSpaceTech (Bali)
thanks to all artists for the support!

Lets Rock!

Mainstage Line Up is full!!! Final line up to be announced with Timetable in July!!

if you want to send as your demos and promopackages for keeping us updated on your creativity please use the adress from the Impressum page on the Dreamtime Website


(imaginile în original sunt pe site-ul organizatorilor)

Despre autor


Fondator RomâniaPozitivă.ro, Florin este facilitator & educator de emoție și gând pozitiv. Florin susține acest demers prin programele sale de training & facilitare și prin platforma de informație și educație pozitivă, cu peste 30 de autori și peste 55 000 de articole de Bine despre România publicate încă din 2006. Florin are 20 de ani de experiență ca trainer, facilitator pentru peste 10 000 de participanți, iar domeniile de expertiză includ: facilitare de procese de învățare, orientarea spre soluție, antreprenoriat (inclusiv social), ”train the trainers & facilitators”, design thinking, managementul echipelor, management de proiect, time management, recrutare şi selecţie, comunicare, teambuilding. Florin a lucrat 4 ani în industria FMCG alături de InBev având atribuții de training pentru mai multe procese de vânzări și de business pentru o rețea cu peste 40 de firme de distribuție de bunuri de larg consum pe întreg teritoriul țării. Florin și-a început cariera profesională alături de echipa AIMS Timișoara - 4 ani de experiență în recrutare și selecție de personal și training. Florin are experiență ca moderator/speaker pentru diverse evenimente, parteneri și conferințe: TEDx București, Impact HUB, Zilele Biz, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Future Makers, ASPEN Young Leaders Program, Leaders for Justice Program, Ashoka Romania,Automotive Forum, Inspiro, Bucharest Integrity Gathering, Conferința de Voluntariat, The Conference about Happiness, “Fabricat în Țara lui Andrei”cu NESsT & Petrom, WWF Școli Verzi în Europa, Criminalitate Forestieră WWF, Interpol, Client Earth), TEDx Galați, TEDx Constanța. Majoritatea clienţilor lui Florin sunt din aria de business, companiile activând în domenii foarte diferite (servicii, IT, automotive, bunuri de larg consum, consultanţă) pe întreg teritoriul ţării. Florin este implicat şi în proiecte de training și facilitare pentru organizaţii nonguvernamentale. Florin a fost membru entuziast în organizațiile AIESEC Timișoara și ARDOR Banat. Florin desfăşoară şi proiecte de training și facilitare în sistem deschis („open training”), un exemplu de astfel de program fiind cursul „Train the Trainers & Facilitators” cu Institutul Român de Training și Training Cafe. Motivaţia principală este dorinţa de a schimba lucrurile în Bine în România. Florin este certificat Formator A.N.C., White Belt @ ABInBev. Florin este mare fan de biciclete, mișcare în aer liber, muzică uneori chiar clasică și indiană.


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