What if every purchase we made always had a higher positive return?


NESsT enterprises provide opportunities for conscientious shoppers to drive positive change and transparency across all industries. As consumers, we have the power to demand ethical treatment of employees and suppliers as well as the sustainable care of our environment.

The holiday season is a perfect time to make a gift that will provide a pathway out of poverty for low-income and marginalized individuals. Join us in celebrating our enterprises in their efforts to promote fair trade between consumers and local producers, and preserve local traditional culture.

Suritex sells beautiful alpaca fiber products. The enterprise is on a mission to employ 25,000 alpaca producers in the next five years in Peru. Through solar-powered technology, Suritex has lowered the cost of processing the raw fiber and increased the income of alpaquero communities by up to 20% per family. Every purchase also supports training and employment opportunities for the women who work in the textile processing plant.

Meşteshukar ButiQ (MBQ) is a network of social enterprises that support Roma artisans and traditional crafts in Romania. Products offered by MBQ are made with clean raw materials, traditions passed across generations, skillful artistry and an immediate utility. By supporting MBQ, shoppers can celebrate Roma culture and support a community that continues to be excluded from the labor force.

Eko Bielska Kraina helps local farmers, fishers and food producers sell their high-quality, traditional food products via an online marketplace and local storefront in Poland. By organizing sightseeing tours in the region, the enterprise promotes rural tourism and provides local producers with sustainable income streams.
By buying from social enterprises such as these, consumers are contributing to building a more just and equitable economy for all. By supporting NESsT to grow these enterprises, you become part of their success.

Grow the Ecosystem

Thank you for making a difference this holiday season!

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NESsT este un catalizator pentru întreprinderile sociale din țările cu piețe în dezvoltare și din întreaga lume. NESsT își îndeplinește misiunea prin furnizarea de capital financiar, training-uri, mentorat și acces la piețe de desfacere unui portofoliu de întreprinderi sociale cu impact ridicat din țările cu piețe emergente. NESsT combină instrumentele și strategiile specifice sectorului de afaceri și al investițiilor de capital cu misiunea și valorile sectorului social, pentru a permite portofoliului său să planifice mai bine, să își îmbunătățească capacitatea de management, să se dezvolte și să își crească impactul social. www.nesst.org


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