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Job de vis: Tutor Coordinator @ Teach for Romania!


Spiru Haret se declara colaboratorul învăţătorilor şi nu superiorul lor:  „Eu privesc pe toţi cei care fac parte din acest corp ca pe nişte oameni meniţi a aduce la îndeplinire o mare opera”.

Dacă eşti un Haret al zilelor noastre, înscrie-te în Teach for Romania ca TUTOR COORDONATOR!


Tutor Coordinator Profile

We are looking for the best minds and the best hearts in the country!

The Training & Support team focuses on a few key areas in the organization: the Leadership Summer Academy, ongoing training and development and student achievement impact / results. The Training team at the Leadership Summer Academy works to equip teachers with the knowledge, skills and beliefs they need to lead their students to high achievements and an excellent education.

The knowledge, skills and beliefs align with our leadership framework calledTeaching As Leadership. The training team also works on ongoing teacher training over their two years. The Training & Support team works to create assessments and year-long plans, create performance management and tracker tools, and collect and analyze student achievement data.

The Training & Support team works with external partners to create our organizational curriculum, and performance systems for our teachers and tutors/coordinators.

Position summary

You will manage, support and train groups of 10-12 teachers, and will be responsible for the development and growth of the young professionals as teachers, helping them lead their classroom to great student achievement. You will break down the Teaching As Leadership model and explain teaching practices and methods in an effective way.  You should be able to deal with conflicts and come up with proper resolutions, as well as develop this skill in teachers.

We are looking for a person who will wear a few „hats” in this role:

  • Leader – in inspiring people (keeping commitments, sharing best practices and experiences with the teachers, demonstrating learning autonomy, leading by example);
  • Coach – developing people (loving and caring deeply for assigned teachers, building strong relationships, active listening, understanding each teacher’s uniqueness and the need to differentiate support, knowing how to give and receive feedback);
  • Manager – producing results (setting clear expectations, goals and timelines, holding teachers accountable – believing in teachers’ potential, using performance management systems and evaluation tools, following up consistently);
  • Teacher – having a clear vision of what excellence in education looks like, identifying key levers needed to improve a classroom, knowing where to access content and other instructional knowledge;
  • Mentor – sharing experience (help participants reflect on their meaning of this experience for themselves and their long-term leadership);

As tutor coordinator you will grow both personally and professionally and take part in various training / coaching sessions, conferences and events (with Teach for Romania within the global Teach for All network) and you will be provided with best possible support to generate the expected impact. You will have to demonstrate leadership and achievement results. We expect you to embrace the opportunity to work in a fast-paced and dynamic start-up environment.

Primary Responsibilities (~80% of time)

  • To impact student achievement. As tutor, your mindset, knowledge and beliefs will impact those of the teachers you are leading, which will in turn impact (and positively affect) those of the students, thus leading to significant student achievement and transformation.
  • To build relationships with communities. You will develop some of these relationships with schools, school leaders, community members, etc., particularly with the marginalized groups, like the Roma.
  • To observe the instructional strategies used by our teachers and use your observations to provide them with guidance.
  • To guide our teachers to set and reach ambitious student achievement goals, through various mechanisms (group or individual debriefing sessions and coaching and mentoring sessions).
  • To connect teachers with resources and develop solutions to address their instructional challenges.
  • To design and conduct ongoing workshops to build teachers’ skills and mindsets.
  • To develop the knowledge and skills of best teaching practices through frequent documentation and interaction with the Training team & support partners.
  • To contribute to building relationships with partner schools with the aim of increasing stakeholder satisfaction and facilitating community impact.
  • To lead and come up with resolutions in case of communication issues between our teachers / partner schools / other teachers / parents / extended communities.
  • To provide input and feedback to the teachers and Teach for Romania.
  • To support teachers as they implement their community/school development projects.
  • To evaluate and assess (within our performance management systems) assigned teachers.
  • To build supportive and professional relationships with teachers and motivate them to develop their own leadership capacity.

Additional Responsibilities (20-30% of time)

  • To create compelling and well-designed training sessions and deliver them effectively (design the Curriculum for Leadership Summer Academy)
  • To deliver Teaching as Leadership training to the Teachers during Leadership Summer Academy (6 weeks, July-August).
  • To contribute to cross-functional and team-wide priorities on an occasional basis, when needed.
  • To provide support and guidance in the matriculation and teacher qualification process (titularizare process).
  • To initiate meetings / relationships with potential partner organizations.
  • To find ambassadors / supporters through our campus and young professional networks.
  • To help the Marketing team generate creative ideas on developing specific materials in ongoing and future projects.

Knowledge, Qualification, Skills and Abilities required

  • Demonstrate all the characteristics of a successful teacher and leader.
  • Graduate / Post graduate.
  • 2 years or more of primary or/and secondary classroom teaching. Training, coaching, mentoring expertise will be considered a plus.
  • Previous management experience preferred, though not required.
  • Classroom management and instructional experience.
  • Experience working closely with low-income communities.
  • Exceptional people management skills.
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills.
  • Willingness to learn.
  • Strong sense of possibility and empathy.
  • Strong self-reflection and critical thinking.
  • Fit with Teach for Romania’s vision, mission, and values.
  • Team work and cooperation.
  • Experience with budget management.


About us:

Logo_Teach for romania 2014Teach for Romania is a nationwide movement in pursuit of educational equity in Romania and part of an international network (Teach for All).

Teach for Romania recruits exceptional college graduates and professionals to work as full time teachers in under resourced schools for two years. Teach for Romania prepares and supports the future leaders who will pilot the movement against educational inequity.

The Teach for Romania staff works relentlessly along with those great teachers to pioneer the movement.

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Despre autor


Teach for Romania este o organizație non-profit care activează din 2014 și care a adus un sistem de performanță în educația din sistemul public din România. Pentru împlinirea viziunii, educație de calitate pentru toți copiii din România, organizația atrage și pregătește oameni motivați de a deveni agenți de transformare în sistemul educațional românesc, din rolurile de profesori și învățători, pentru copiii din medii vulnerabile. În cei doi ani de predare ca profesor sau învățător sprijinit de Teach for Romania, participanții au parte de programe de pregătire și training din partea unor profesioniști în pedagogie și leadership, dar și acces la cea mai mare comunitate globală în educație și leadership – Teach for All. La finalul celor doi ani, absolvenții programului sunt încurajați să continue schimbarea începută în școală prin inițiative cu impact în societate, de antreprenoriat, educație, politici publice și media. În momentul de față, în anul școlar 2019-2020, 135 de cadre didactice (80 de participanți în program și 55 Alumni în școli publice) care predau în 108 școli, unde lucrează cu aproximativ 10.000 de copii din 17 județe. Mai multe despre Teach for Romania găsiți aici:


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