Oportunitati pentru dezvoltarea carierei in 6 noi proiecte GRSPSociety!


Oportunitati de cariera pentru 6 proiecte propuse de un ONG format din tineri profesionisti si studenti romani din tara si din afara! Citeste mai departe informatii despre proiectele GRSP si despre oportunitatile de cariera.

logGRSPSociety is an open network of organizations and individuals committed to advancing Romania’s development and modernization through civic involvement and professionalism. GRSPSociety has members in 12 countries and is currently expanding to include more students, professionals, and relevant groups.

GRSPSociety is launching a call for applications for the open positions in the projects proposed by the Working Groups at the 2nd annual conference “Project Romania 2020: What We Can Do for Romania in the Next Decade” at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, 4-6 December 2009.

Project descriptions & open positions:

1) Business and Finance – Jumpstart Romania
The goal of this project is to provide Romanian entrepreneurs with access to information about investment funds and success stories of Romanians living abroad. The purpose of the project is to promote entrepreneurship and foreign investment in Romania. We will achieve our objectives by developing a database of investment funds and a compilation of interviews with successful Romanian business people abroad to be made publicly available to Romanian entrepreneurs.

Open positions:
Database and Research Coordinator – Investment Funds
Investor Contact Coordinator
Legal Resources Coordinator
Pre-Interview Coordinator
Interview Coordinator
Post-Interview Coordinator
Public Media Coordinator

2) Culture and Arts – Modern Interpretation of Romanian Heritage: Painting Competition & Exhibition. The objective of the project is to organize a painting competition based on modern interpretations of Romanian traditions. The competition is addressed to Romanian citizens that live abroad. The artists will be offered the opportunity to promote their work in the exhibition at the 3rd annual GRSPSociety conference. The finalists have the opportunity to connect with other Romanian artists and cultural institutions from Romania and abroad.

Open positions: Communication and Documentation Assistant

3) Democracy and Participation – Diaspora Votes
The main objective of the project is to introduce the electronic vote for Romanian citizens who live abroad and increase the number of representatives for diaspora in the Romanian Parliament. Lobbying and advocacy efforts are among the activities of this group.

Open position: Electoral Reform Research

4) Democracy and Participation – Voices for Romania
The main objective of the project is to promote role-models and a solid scale of values by featuring high-qualified Romanian professionals in the local media. A series of interviews and debates will be published in newspapers and broadcasted on national TV. The desired outcome of the project is to send an educational and inspirational message to the student audience to have a positive impact on the society in the long run.

Open positions: Implementation Team Member, Webmaster

5) Public Administration and Public Policy – Economic Sectors Evaluation Cards
The project aims to create a website with indicators/scores of the main Romanian economic sectors. This will be a “one stop shop” that summarizes and brings together information currently dispersed throughout the web by reliable and relevant sources. The beneficiaries of the project will be foreign investors, Romanians abroad, and Romanian citizens.

Open positions: Sector Manager, Industry Researcher, Contact Coordinator, Database Coordinator

6) Romania’s Image Abroad – Online Community of Romania
The virtual community will be the link between people who know and love Romania and those who are curious to learn more about it. Members will be able to share photos, travel stories and tips in a fun and informal online setting. The community is open to friends of Romania from all over the world.

Open positions: Marketing Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator, Grant Writer, Community Manager, Recruitment Coordinator, Webmaster.

For a more detailed description of the projects, as well as instructions for applying, please see this link. Deadline for applications: February 15th 2010.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. We are looking forward to welcoming you aboard.


All the advertised positions are unpaid and require a commitment of an average of 4 hours/week. GRSPSociety is an open network of organizations and individuals committed to advancing Romania’s development through civic involvement and professionalism on a voluntary basis. For more information, please visit us at: www.grspsociety.org or contact us at: office@grspsociety.org.

GRSPSociety Executive Team

Despre autor


Co-Fondator RomâniaPozitivă.ro, Florin este educator de emoție și gând pozitiv. Florin susține acest demers prin programele sale de training și prin platforma de informație și educație pozitivă www.RomaniaPozitiva.ro. Florin are peste 15 ani de experiență ca trainer pentru circa 8000 de participanți, iar domeniile de expertiză includ: "solution thinking" (gândire pozitivă aplicată pentru rezolvarea problemelor), antreprenoriat social, ”train the trainers”, managementul oamenilor/echipelor, management de proiect, recrutare şi selecţie, comunicare, echipe eficiente, teambuilding. Florin este mare fan de biciclete, mișcare în aer liber, muzică, uneori chiar clasică și indiană. Motivaţia principală a lui Florin este dorința de a schimba lucrurile în Bine în România și încrederea că asta se poate.

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