The Guardian: „Giant winged Transylvanian predators could have eaten dinosaurs”


Welcome to the Cretaceous Romanian island of Hațeg, once populated by lifeforms stranger than anything imagined by Lovecraft or Giger

The giant azhdarchid Witton and his co-author, Darren Naish, recently described, is Hatzegopteryx. It was named in 2002 for the town of Haţeg in Romania, near where it was discovered. This region is yielding an increasing amount of unique fossil material. Haţeg was once an isolated island surrounded by a warm, deep sea. Cut off from the mainland, many dinosaurs underwent a process known as island, or insular, dwarfism, which causes large animals to become smaller over many generations. In the Mediterranean, this led to the evolution of dwarf elephants on islands such as Crete and Malta during the ice age.

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