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Romania becomes a Springboard for Musicians all over the World.


Anthony Gutierréz, Venezuelan Drummer mentions Romania in his actual Success in China

After the latest success in Europe, at the Bucharest International Jazz Festival in Romania (Bucharest International Jazz Festival – Europa Fest 2016), with Venezuelan fusion jazz group Fluxus Trio (Special Prize winner), the Venezuelan drummer Anthony Gutiérrez was invited by BYDID Music to perform with the Swedish Jazz Quartet of the Famous saxophonist, Magnus Lindgren (Grammy´s Nominee), on February 21st, at the most famous jazz venue in Shenzhen City, China – Penny Black. BYDID Music is the current manager of Gutiérrez in China, an agency that is currently in negotiations for future educational collaborations with The Collective.


“After I returned from Romania, my life changed and in good! I had a great experience in this European country. I felt that I was able to share, together with the Jazz Fusion Trio, Fluxus, to the Romanian public and to the other participants in the Competition a small part of my country music and culture, a positive image of what Venezuela is in fact, a big culture and nation with a great potential. I was delighted to see that the public really enjoyed and appreciated our music. That experience gave me a pure vibration, pure imagination that launched me in every experience I had since then. I still have it with me, here in China”, says the drummer.

Anthony Gutierrez surprised the Chinese and international audiences present at the event with his professionalism and dedication, impressing with the novelty of the Afro-Venezuelan rhythms interspersed with personal performances in both drums and percussion, forming a perfect fusion of jazz.

The drummer and multi-instrumentalist, Anthony Gutiérrez was trained in the National System of Orchestras and Youth Choirs for Children and Youngsters of Venezuela, being since the age of 5 years a passionate of music, especially of the drums. From that moment, his life has been defined through music and he longed to always reach the highest standards of knowledge in the area. Gutiérrez was part of the Simón Bolívar Big Band Jazz until 2015 and then Venezuela Big Band Jazz. Among other projects within the National System of Orchestras he has delivered workshops in the formation of other Big Band of Jazz in the country.

Anthony Gutiérrez (drums), Rickard Malmsten (bass), Magnus Lindgren (flute and sax) y Jim Schneider (piano)

Anthony Gutiérrez (percussion), Tzu Yu Huang – Fish (drums), Rickard Malmsten (bass), Magnus Lindgren (flute and sax)

Jim Schneider (piano), Rickard Malmsten (bass), Bin Bin Wang (Manager BYDID Music), Tzu Yu Huang – Fish (drums), Magnus Lindgren (flute and sax) y Anthony Gutiérrez (drums and percussion)

Anthony Gutierréz – publicity in Shenzhen, China

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