Chivas The Venture: win 1 milion $ funding for your social business



About The Venture:

Chivas The Venture is a global social entrepreneurship competition, that has a $1milion fund to empower extraordinary start-ups that use business to create positive change and a mission to inspire entrepreneurial thinkers to transform the world.

For whom?

The Venture is looking for exceptional start-ups that use business innovatively to transform communities and solve global challenges. The competition targets social entrepreneurs who want to change the world and for whom business is a force that can be used for good.

If you run an innovative business that is creating a real and positive change in the world, The Venture wants to hear from you!

What’s in it for you?

A unique one-week experience at the Los Angeles business accelerator, where you will meet entrepreneurs from all over the USA

The chance to take part at the final pitch in Shanghai, the place where you will meet the best social impact businesses form all over the world and where you will pitch your idea to international business experts

The opportunity to get the neccesary funding to help you meet your business objectives. The local phase of the competion will get you a prize of 5000 €. Next, in the global phase, a public vote from people across the world will decide the way that the first amount of 250 000 $ from the prize will be shared among the contestants. The rest of the 1 milion $ amount (750.000$) will be awarded at the competition finale in Shanghai.

Where can you register?

You can enter the competition by registering on, until October the 31tst.

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