Ce spun realizatorii documentarului „Wild Carpathia” despre episodul realizat de Channel 4 „Vin Romanii”?


„I am hugely embarrassed by the ignorance and prejudice of my fellow Brits with regards to their views about Romania, this however is not helped by partisan production companies creating spurious and schadenfruedian pseudo documentaries like The Romanians are Coming, which is an embarrassment to honest filmmaking. Now would be the perfect time to screen Wild Carpathia 1,2 and 3 on UK terrestrial channels to help correct this monstrous misrepresentation and rest assured I am going to be approaching them all this week, starting with the BBC to see if we can provide an answer to this shameful series. As I know only too well, contrary to the portrayal by the UK press, Romanians are kind, hard working, cultured people and I have found more generosity of spirit over there than is usual to experience here in Britain. While some areas are indeed poor and many struggle, they are also for the vast majority honourable and decent people with strong family ties, unlike our dysfunctional communities here, where many of us shovel our old people into homes or end up as part time parents sharing our children with divorced partners who we were (and in lots of cases recently) prepared to swear we would love, honour and obey til death do us part! The Romanian community here enriches not only our cultural diversity but also the government coffers and have a much more honest and diligent work ethic than a large numbers of fat, lazy parasitic British who complain when others are prepared to do the jobs they feel are beneath them. This is not to say that I am not proud of my country, but we need to wake up and learn to appreciate opportunities, however modest their beginnings, and to admire rather than judge others when they have the humility and foresight to do so”.

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