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Travel Stories: Pakistan & the Karakoram Highway | with Pavlo Morkovkin from Ukraine


20th of November 2017, 7.30 PM, at Journey Pub (str. George Enescu nr. 25, Piata Romana )


____Pavlo as a traveler____

My travel tastes are very singular. I prefer to visit unusual and unexplored areas which can hardly be called a tourist Mecca. Mostly I travel to unrecognized republics, gray zones and post-war areas. Over the past few years I have been to Kosovo, Northern Cyprus, Karabakh, Transnistria, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and Iraqi Kurdistan. I run a travel blog about my voyages and places I visited:

____Pakistan story____

This summer I spent a month and a half in Pakistan having crossed the country from south to north by buses, trains and hitchhiking. I finished my trip riding along the legendary Karakoram Highway to China. Pakistan is a refined voyage and it’s one of the best place to travel to: this country is not spoiled by crowds of tourists; here you don’t meet annoying helpers and scammers; vendors don’t triple their prices because of your white face. Instead, local people hospitably greets a foreigner who came to their land in spite of all myths and stereotypes which surround Pakistan.

Subjects I will be talking about:

  1. Pakistan visa. Obtaining, extension and overstay.
    2. The White Man’s Burden. How to travel around the country, when everyone wants to talk and make selfie with you?
    3. How to drink alcohol in an Islamic republic?
    4. The city of Peshawar. From Alexander the Great and Buddhist kingdoms to Mujahideen and hippies.
    5. Kalasha people. The last pagans of Pakistan.
    6. The myth of long-lived vegetarians of Hunza tribe.
    7. The Karakorum Highway and crossing Pakistan-China border.
    8. Xinjiang. A „non-Chinese” China.

* Free entrance event up to 100 seats available. Make reservations: 0752 285 286 – Journey Pub. The lecture will be given in English.

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Despre autor


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