Soul Cafe with Daniela Andreescu



“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere.” – Albert Einstein


The path of the entrepreneur is paved with challenges for the mind: juggling finance and impact, managing your team, adapting your idea to the test of reality, keeping your spirits up when the ride gets tough. There are more and more resources out there for the entrepreneurial mind, books, workshops, events. But in the middle of all this busyness, who is taking care of our souls?

Daniela Andreescu, personal coach, interpersonal communication specialist, mindfulness teacher and author, invites you to “Soul Cafe” – a chilled evening gathering in which she will use her unique mix of images and words to spark authentic relaxation, curious imagination and to assist you in stepping out of your daily routine and into a soulful space of reconnection to your true inner drives.

The evening will start with an exploration of visual meditation and will continue with musings on how to improve the flexibility of the mind to allow for more expression of our deeper nature in our daily activities. Daniela’s books will make for the perfect dessert, sweet and soft guides to reducing stress and increasing inner freedom.

About Daniela Andreescu

Daniela Andreescu ( is a personal coach, facilitator of personal development,mindfulness and meditation, trainer in the ecology of communication and interpersonal relations. She develops integrative personal transformation programs, paints Soulscapes as a coaching-with-art process, creates visual meditation exercises, all as a support for those who wish to expand their creativity, enlarge their vision and enhance their personal and professional life.

Books: The Gift of Now, Sub Pomul de scortisoara, Cum traversezi un curcubeu, Conversatii cu tine

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