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Official list of artists for BUCHAREST BIENNALE


Official list of artists for BB6

Pentru informații în limba română:

May 23 – July 24, 2014

5 venues and several public spaces in Bucharest, around 20 artists, panel discussions and lectures, connected events and around 15 parallel events.

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The exhibition will explore the double meaning of the word apprehension, the fear or anxiety that something bad might happen and in the sense of comprehension. The relation between the two, needs a closer look. How fear is developed and maintained throughout our lives and how it can become a tool for learning and understanding. How it is administered and maintained socially, politically, how it affects the development of our ideology and how we can learn from it. The time is now to reassess and to raise some questions about certain aspects of everyday life that might have gone unnoticed. (Extras from the curatorial text by Gergő Horváth)


Carlos Aires (ES)
Matei Arnăutu (RO)
Dan Beudean (RO)
Adrian Dan (RO)
Dromedar (NO)
Arantxa Etcheverria (FR/RO)
Filip Gilissen (BE)
Bjørn Erik Haugen (NO)
Jan Kaila (FI)
Cezar Lăzărescu & 1+1 (RO)
Raqs Media Collective (IN)
Marilena Preda-Sânc (RO)
Gabriel Stoian (RO)
Stephanie Syjuco (USA/PH)
János Sugár (HU)
Alejandro Vidal (ES)
Erwin Wurm (A)
Mihai Zgondoiu (RO)
Zoltán Béla (RO)


Gergő Horváth (b. 1993) is an artist, with a special interest in curatorial activity and cultural management. He studied music and is presently studying art with a special interest in makeshift politics and DIY social structures. Since 2012, he collaborated in various instances with Pavilion. Recently he was exhibited in the “Affluence of the working class from differentiation to collectivism” and curated “100 Hungarian Minutes”. He published several texts in different magazines. Currently he works and lives in Romania and is a Hungarian citizen.


BUCHAREST BIENNALE promotes awareness and dissemination of the culture, particularly in the fields of the arts, by means of exchanges and cultural cooperation within Europe and beyond and is looking for strategies that would develop mutual understanding and offer insights from different perspectives.

We assume the urge of a dialogue with the public, of a platform for artists as much as the need of reinventing new forms of artistic expression and encourage curators to make a large selection of artists who would represent best the European unity in diversity.

BB aims to resolve the twofold problems of tradition and modernity, past and present, localism and global village, it strives to attain a balanced status between its aesthetic/artistic quality and popularity by overcoming the feeling of estrangement that the general public has towards the contemporary arts.

BB is building a strong partnership between Bucharest – which is more than a city, it is a symbol of how political can be reflected in every aspect of life – and the Western Europe; it links to an universal problem – that does not take into consideration the geographical or historical context – the problem of resistance in daily life, of details and living as a way of living. BB is a structure able to transform the city itself into an ongoing workshop-cum-field of action.

Today, BUCHAREST BIENNALE is the only contemporary art biennial in Central and East Europe.

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Alejandro Vidal, Any idea that can be defended is presumed guilty, paper plane folded with CIA original letter office paper, 2011. Courtesy of the artist and Bucharest Biennale.

Despre autor


Fondator RomâniaPozitivă.ro, Florin este educator de emoție și gând pozitiv. Florin susține acest demers prin programele sale de training și prin platforma de informație și educație pozitivă, cu peste 30 de autori și peste 30 000 de articole de Bine despre România publicate încă din 2006. Florin are aproape 20 de ani de experiență ca trainer pentru circa 10 000 de participanți, iar domeniile de expertiză includ: facilitare de procese de învățare, orientarea spre soluție (psihologie pozitivă aplicată pentru rezolvarea problemelor), antreprenoriat social, ”train the trainers”, design thinking, managementul echipelor, management de proiect, recrutare şi selecţie, comunicare, teambuilding. Florin a lucrat 4 ani în industria berii alături de InBev având atribuții de training pe mai multe procese de vânzări și de business pentru o rețea cu peste 40 de firme de distribuție de bunuri de larg consum pe întreg teritoriul țării. Florin și-a început cariera profesională alături de echipa AIMS Timișoara - 4 ani de experiență în recrutare și selecție de personal și training. Florin are experiență ca moderator/speaker pentru diverse evenimente și conferințe: TEDx București, Impact HUB, Zilele Biz, Future Makers, ASPEN Leadership Program, Leaders for Justice Program, Automotive Forum, “Conferința Anului Viitor”, Inspiro, Bucharest Integrity Gathering, Conferința de Voluntariat, The Conference about Happiness, “Fabricat în Țara lui Andrei”cu NESsT & Petrom, WWF Școli Verzi în Europa, Criminalitate Forestieră WWF, Interpol, Client Earth), TEDx Galați, TEDx Constanța. Majoritatea clienţilor lui Florin sunt din aria de business, companiile activând în domenii foarte diferite (servicii, IT, automotive, bunuri de larg consum, consultanţă) pe întreg teritoriul ţării. Florin este implicat şi în proiecte de training și facilitare pentru organizaţii nonguvernamentale. Florin a fost membru entuziast în organizațiile AIESEC Timișoara și ARDOR Banat. Florin desfăşoară şi proiecte de training și facilitare în sistem deschis („open training”), un exemplu de astfel de program fiind cursul „Train the Trainers” cu Institutul Român de Training și Training Cafe. Motivaţia principală este dorinţa de a schimba lucrurile în Bine în România. Florin este certificat Formator A.N.C., White Belt @ ABInBev. Florin este mare fan de biciclete, mișcare în aer liber, muzică uneori chiar clasică și indiană.


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