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Hub Talks – Gamification for business


Gamification is transforming business models and the way we are looking at business relations. It works because it leverages the motivations and desires that exist in all of us for community, feedback, achievement and reward.


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It has emerged as a significant trend in recent years. The market growth of gamification is expected to reach $5,5 billion in 2018. The biggest market is expected to be the North America, followed by Europe.

The use of game mechanics and game design techniques in non-gaming context proved to be a powerful tool to engage employees, customers, partners and the public to change behaviours, develop skills and drive innovation. Combined with other technologies and trends, gamification can plummet innovation, employee performance management, education, personal development and customer engagement.

Topics to be explored

What is gamification?
What are the benefits of gamification for an organization?
How to apply gamification in education?
How to gamify events and conferences?
What are the elements for a successful engaging game?
What are some game mechanics that can be applied in business?

At Hub Talks we would like to address the topic of Gamification with guests that will bring different perspectives:

Applications and benefits for organisation – Laura Martin , Vodafone

Laura Martin is the Leadership Development Coordinator at Vodafone Romania. A social learning evangelist for the last years, Laura started her journey as an organizational learning designer at Enovate – the leadership development consultancy company she co-founded. In the search for meaningful experiences, gamification is one of the tools she interacted with and she is eager to share her views.

Gamification in education and training – Armina Sîrbu, Școala de Valori

Armina StepanI always loved games. When I was little I hated “Tabinet” because it was finishing so fast. 10 years later I started my first company. Then had a couple of jobs in different companies from really small ones to #1 bank in Switzerland. I had it all figured out, planned a path for myself. Checked, checked, checked. Then I chose Scoala de Valori and I am glad to be part of an infinite game. I like to think of Scoala de Valori as a game-changing educational NGO. I have been a trainer for over 10 years for more than 10000 participants of all ages and tracks of life. I have an MA. in HR and a BSc. in Computer Science. I am not a hard core gamer, but I am probably the most hard core learning designer in Romania and the only one who explored and designed so many original and game-like learning experiences. I love computer games, YA literature and Robin Hobb. Continuous learning is what makes me happy. I design innovative learning experiences for a living and for change making. I like to try new recipes, mixing blended learning with immersion learning and labyrinth theater plus some spices like rewards, titles and extra points. Designing a good competition mechanism and a contest that keeps players learning continuously and goes viral is why I wake up in the morning. I like to think I make the learning fun and addictive for life-long development. I do it because it has the potential to make Romania’s youth grow into successful life players and game changers.

Game design & game mechanisms – Dan Dimitrescu, KillHouse Games
bio_danDan Dimitrescu is the Co-Founder and Game Designer at KillHouse Games, makers of the critically acclaimed SWAT tactics game Door Kickers and poster-project for “crowdfunding done right”. Dan has clocked about 13 years of experience in corporate game development and has worked on some of the biggest titles at Ubisoft Romania. He’s always kept his passion for learning new stuff and creating meaningful and satisfying gameplay experiences, and is now working on a number of Door Kickers related projects for the gaming and “serious applications” markets.

Gamification in events and conferences – Decebal Leonard Marin, Corporate Dynamics

Decebal Leonard Marin is founder and Managing Partner at Corporate Dynamics. He steadily built up his 14 years training and consulting experience implementing business simulations and blended learning programs for Fortune 500 companies in Europe. Graduate MAHRM from Westminster University, executive coach and accredited consultant of MLQ and Behavioural Science Systems.

Evolving from gaming industry, training gamification is absorbing the fun elements of a game into the learning process. Is a combination of game design and dynamics, feelings and psychology, user experience, economics, sometimes technology, business processes and metrics for driving ROI.

Through Training Gamification we help clients to keep people engaged into the learning process, increase results and accelerate their professional growth. When is well done, there are great results for participants: addiction, accomplishment and progression as well as pride and integration into real life work.

Gamification concept and development – Romana Baia, Trend Consult

Baia is Partner and Head of Research & Development at Trend Consult, one of the key players in consultancy and training industry. She started her career in education field followed by 7 dedicated years in a Romanian PR agency as a Project Coordinator. Starting 2005, Romana is part of Trend Consult team, handling the needs analysis, research and development for learning programs in areas such as management, sales, negotiation, leadership, communication. In 2014, Romana coordinated the development of the first gamification platform, used as a HR tool with the purpose of increasing engagement among one of our customers` employees. Romana has a bachelor degree in Public Relations and Communication and a master degree in Marketing and Business Communication.

Moderator: Elena Marineci, Starfishevents

As my proffessional avatar, I play as Managing Partner and Product Mastermind @Starfish Events (European representative for The Go Game), Senior Trainer Associate @Human Invest and Facilitator @Empretec Romania. Working with the Go Game I had the chance to design all sorts of game experiences for all sorts of events, fitting all sorts of corporate objectives.

So happy to host a conversation on one of my favorite topics! Looking forward to meeting you all and sharing our knowledge & experiences on gamification!


19:00 – 20:30 – talks with the guests

20:30 – 21:00 – Q&A

21:00 – closing of the evening


This event is open & free to everyone, but we ask that you kindly confirm by using the link.

Hub Talks – Gamification for business

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