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Inside Stories #10 with Cori Grămescu and Ana Maria Marian


When you think about being entrepreneur in Romania you can’t miss the thought that it’s not going to be easy at all. Though, in a recent study made by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor and the European Commission, Romania is the first country in UE in terms of entrepreneurial intentions, 27% of Romanians saying they want to get going on their own. Also, 52% of entrepreneurs consider that sharing success stories of entrepreneurs would have a big impact on the business culture, according to Romanian Entrepreneurship Barometer 2013. Explaining the benefits of entrepreneurship to society, promoting success stories, including the innovation that they generate and the number of jobs created, were also mentioned in the same study.

About Inside Stories event series

Inside Stories is a series of events in which successful entrepreneurs share their advice for fellow young business people who are thinking about, or are working on growing their business. You will learn from their mistakes, listen great stories behind their business and also have the opportunity to interact directly with the speakers through the Q&A session.

The entrepreneurs from this edition will share their stories about innovation in the health department and sports. Thus, we will discuss about prevention and taking decisions when the problem is found as well. How are they translated in the business field? Join and the event and let’s find out together!

About the guest speakers

Ana Maria Marian – CEO Intermedicas

Ana brings over 10 years of experience in top medical services and, currently, she is focusing on the mission she undertook at Intermedicas, the first second opinion clinic in Romania, of providing a second chance to people who are dealing with serious medical issues, especially when it seems a medical solution ceases to exist. Ana-Maria is responsible for the retail and corporate divisions and together with her fellow professionals, they have developed an elite medical partners network, comprising more than 200 medical experts and 90 world renowned medical institutions from Europe, Asia and USA. Additionally, she created a unique service, the Visiting Professors program, through which each month, top medical experts from Germany, England, France, Turkey or USA offer consultations in Bucharest. Currently, Ana Maria is supervising the implementation of the Personal Health Assistant service across companies. This medical service was especially conceived to meet the health needs of top managers, both Romanians and expats. Having completed an undergraduate degree and an MA in Psychology, Ana Maria has always shown a particular interest in the “customer service experience”. Prior to holding the CEO position, Ana was in charge of Regina Maria’s corporate and sales divisions.

Cori Grămescu – Founder Lady Fit Gym

Cori Grămescu is lifestyle and nutrition coach, designer of workouts and creator of the Ultimate Pilates method. She runs her own business since 2007, LadyFIT Gym hall – the first gym for delicate women, dedicated exclusively to women. Currently she ends her MBA from Maastricht School of Management. In her work, Cori has trained over 12,000 women of all ages and coordinated personal training for many public figures in Romania. She prepared under the guidance of big names in the fitness world: Viveca Jensen, Shellie Blanks Billy Blanks, Rebecca Barthel Barbara Morini, Michael King and Malcolm Muirhead. “I’m a person who does not believe in rules. I believe in health and in improving the lifestyle of the client, but the method to reach this balance can take any form. I have a relaxed approach about training and nutrition because for all these years I worked mostly with and for women and I know everyone wants to find a personal formula to reach the goals she wants. I stopped believing in stereotypes promoted by American type of fitspiration that says you have to pull yourself with tenacity to exhaustion in order to succeed what you want. I went in this road myself and I did not got anything, it is a lesson I learned the hard way. I always tell those around me that a healthy meal will not make you thin, as well as a chocolate will not make you fat.“says Cori Grămescu.

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